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So… We Caught A Bird O.O

Hello everyone! It’s been a while 😊 For the past two years, Danielle and I have been working on renovating a home we purchased to get it to a point where we can live in it. We will give the full renovation before and after when we’re done and have a bit more brain-space to …

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The Idea of Forgiveness

This week, the concept of forgiveness has really been on my mind. Thursday, it was something that just weighted heavily on me. Friday, Facebook reminded me of a small short story I wrote about forgiveness that I had made over twelve years ago. Saturday, we were having a meeting going over some Hope’s Haven material, …

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DIY Decorative Birch Trees

January can be a difficult month. The hubbub of Christmas is over and things start to return to our normal routines. But at some point I usually get a little restless. What better way to dispel the restlessness than with a craft! I made a clay cabin a little while ago and I wanted to …

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Peaches n’ Cream Ginger Float

Ah, September. Does anyone else have a hard time letting go of summer? I know I sure do! My friends and family start talking about fall and I’m like “Shhhh! No no no I want to keep wearing shorts and running around with bare feet!” I’m not ready for pumpkin spice everything until the I …

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Adventure Games: The Mountain Treasure

Every year, Danielle and I have the awesome job of creating custom team-building games for the camp we volunteer at, Hope’s Haven. If you’re not familiar with Hope’s Haven, it’s a camp designed specifically for kids who are or have been in the foster care system with the goal of bringing fun and healing through …

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