About Us

About Us

Hi! We’re David and Danielle. Welcome to our blog! Journal. Thing… Yeah, we’re not really sure what to call it exactly, but you’ll find out pretty quickly we’re a bit quirky and we like it that way 🙂

We’re the kind of people who enjoy a little bit of everything. Hiking, games, crafts, cooking, adventure, travel, you name it. Except maybe skydiving. It just feels wrong to willingly jump out of a plane…

Anyways! We wanted to start blogging for two reasons. One: We really enjoy sharing our experiences and stories with friends and family. This gives us a really good opportunity to be more purposeful about getting out and doing something we enjoy, and then sharing it with you!

Two: We wanted to encourage others to go do something fun, creative, or adventurous. Life is short, chaotic, stressful, and sometimes downright frustrating. That just means it’s even more important to get out there and do something you love doing, whether that’s crafting, making something new to eat, gardening, or going on an adventure. We’re hoping our stories of adventure, creating, and encouragement will help give you a bit of inspiration to try something new, or even try something old that you’ve forgotten you enjoy.

Anywho, that’s who we are, what we like, and why we’re here. Have a great day, and God bless!

David & Danielle