So… We Caught A Bird O.O

So… We Caught A Bird O.O

Hello everyone! It’s been a while 😊

For the past two years, Danielle and I have been working on renovating a home we purchased to get it to a point where we can live in it. We will give the full renovation before and after when we’re done and have a bit more brain-space to do so, but long story short, it’s been a long two years! Because the house has been taking up every spare moment we have available and we don’t want to be completely burnt out by the time we move in, we had to cut back on a few things we wanted and loved to do but couldn’t make the time for (like blogging!). But, we had a pretty funny and cool moment at the house that we wanted to share to give you a little snippet into the adventure we’ve been having 😊

Thank you for being patient with us as we’ve been going through this time of renovation and personal journeys! We hope to get back into the swing of things soon (after a nice… long… many day nap 🤣), but for now, enjoy this funny moment we had in our crazy adventure 😁

- Written By David D.

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